For the Security Analyst:

Prismo’s Transaction DVR™ enables a new, streamlined SOC workflow. It frees analysts from low-level tasks along with time-consuming and overwhelming functions such as alert validation. Analysts can now proactively detect, hunt, investigate root-cause and impact and respond to threats using the prescriptive primitives natively provided in the Prismo Transaction DVR.

For the CISO and the CIO:

Prismo’s Transaction DVR™ comprehensively fulfills the core functions in the NIST cybersecurity framework. Prismo’s Transaction DVR quantifies the enterprise attack surface, security exposure and compliance level. CxOs get visibility into the current risk level, its trend over time and risk by deployment, region, entity or group. Prismo’s Transaction DVR measures its efficacy, analyst productivity and their trend over time. The resulting insights enable optimum budget allocations to improve the overall risk posture.

For the Enterprise:

Prismo’s Transaction DVR™ secures the new IT-OT stack triggered by the adoption of hybrid Cloud and Industrial IOT. The Transaction DVR rapidly detects complex threats irrespective of their type (targeted or insider), goal (data theft, denial of service, ransomware) or vulnerability exploited (phishing, application exploit, backdoors, credential compromise). Prismo’s Transaction DVR provides an economic advantage by dramatically improving security operations.