About Us

The Prismo Transaction DVR™ cuts through the noise to arrive at the threat signal by deterministically establishing the causality of events in the multi-dimensional Digital Security Operations Center (Digital SOC) data lake. Prismo’s technology breakthroughs go beyond correlations and solve both False Positives and False Negatives that have plagued the security industry. The powerful and elegant transactional semantics elevate analyst decision quality and speed by automating lower-level functions and allowing them to shift their attention to the new and streamlined SOC workflow. The DVR capabilities fulfill end-to-end security functions by recording transactions for compliance, replaying transactions for incidence response and prescriptively recommending transactions for algorithmic and analyst action.

The Digital SOC is emerging as the new hub of enterprise security, and the Prismo Transaction DVR provides its operational foundation. As enterprises pursue digital business transformation, security operations takes on a more prominent role that goes well beyond device management and simple monitoring. The Digital SOC embraces the entire multitude of challenges to secure the enterprise — reducing attack surface, rapidly detecting and resolving known and unknown threats, and relieving a chronic analyst shortage.

Developed by some of the industry’s premier technologists across multiple disciplines, the Prismo Transaction DVR underpins the Digital SOC and, in partnership with ecosystem partners, radically advances enterprise security along three essential and measurable dimensions:

  1. Efficacy: eliminate data breaches, prevent denial or destruction of service and curtail long dwell time of threats,
  2. Efficiency: automate time-consuming analyst tasks and enable reallocation of security budgets to improve the overall enterprise risk posture
  3. Elasticity: adapt to secure the new Information Technology-Operational Technology (IT-OT) stack and accelerate enterprise initiatives around productivity, cloud migration and Industrial IoT